Often my art and creative work are part of larger projects. Here are some links to a few of my current projects and collaborations.

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Ask A Biologist

Ask A Biologist is a web-based program I started in 1997. It provides students, teachers, and parents a way to reach working scientists. The site contains articles about current research, profiles of scientists, an image gallery, mystery images, puzzles, coloring pages, comic books, quizzes, games, and simulations. In its 19 years of existence, Ask A Biologist has answered over 37,000 questions from students, teachers, and parents around the world.

The Paper Project

This web site shows my work from a collaborative project that is exploring handmade and historic paper using a scanning laser confocal microscope. Beginning in 1999, the Paper Project embarked on a journey that now includes, 2-D and 3-D print and canvas works, and a dance performance also in 3-D called Paper Interiors. The web site also provides educational content including, historical materials, cookbook for making paper, software for experimenting with some of our posted datasets, and instructions for making your own 3-D glasses. In addition there is an extensive collection of the images that are part of a traveling show.

Paper Interiors - ASU Research Magazine article  | PDF | ~ 1MB


Scanning Light Photography
An article detailing the scanning light microscope built by a colleague, William Sharp, and myself. This photographic technique is unrivaled for its ability to image extreme depth-of-field. The largest body of images are shells from the Chester Melville collection housed at Arizona State University. These large works (40 X 40 & 20 X 40  inches) were first exhibited in 2001 at the ASU Computing Commons Art Gallery.

J. J. Holcomb's Civil War Diary

Enter the year 1864 and the writings of my great, great, great grandfather John J. Holcomb who at age thirteen enlisted with his father and became a drummer boy in the Civil War. The complete scanned diary is now on line for study, by family, friends, and those that have a curiosity about the American Civil War.


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