My work fuses art and science. I often use techniques traditionally reserved for scientific investigation to explore new ways of seeing and creating images in both 2-D and Virtual 3-D. Below are some image galleries from these explorations.

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Gallery 1

Some of my abstract work using manipulated Polaroid SX-70 film. These works originally were printed either as a 4 X5 contact print or larger 16 X 20 inch prints. Recently they have moved to much larger canvas prints (32 X 40 inches).


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Gallery 2

This gallery shows some of my work exploring paper using a scanning laser confocal microscope. These 2-D and 3-D images are part of the much larger Paper Project.


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Gallery 3

A gallery devoted to my work using a scanning light microscope. The largest body of images are shells from the Chester Melville collection.


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Gallery 4

Some of my newest photo illustration works of some very cool and colorful insects using light-fast pigmented inks and large format printing. These large pieces are printed on canvas to insure they are of archival quality.

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Gallery 5

Funny Figures and other assorted drawings.

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